Ranjit came from a very physically demonstrative family.

The fuel tank in the car is full.

I could get you arrested for that.


I know that's not enough.

She was all the more beautiful dressed in her wedding costume.

Keep an eye on my bag for a while.

He slept at ten o'clock yesterday.

When was the last time you had a tetanus shot?

Do you want some company?

I thought this would make you happy.

There are only two kind of people in the world.

Vernon is not so sure.


Did you move to Venice yet?

They will be evicted in July.

Stay out of my way!

You don't get up as early as your sister, do you?

Such a man cannot be relied upon.

If I set the language to "French (Canada)," then it comes out as "courriel;" but if I set it to "French (France)," it appears as "e-mail."

The film expands on the idea of the importance of family.

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The room was empty except for a shabby bed.

I would do anything for her.

I'm not quite sure what to tell Carole.


Why are you so sure Sid is Canadian?

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It's been 10 days since my boyfriend went to jail.

Such was her delight that she began to dance.

He is by no means a pleasant fellow to associate with.

You were never like me.

Vishal took a book down from the shelf.


Miltos is listened to because of his persuasive power.

Just tell me what you know about the situation.

Haiku are closely related to the seasons of the year.

We took pride in our strength.

Whoever wants to learn to ride a horse must first learn to mount and unmount correctly.


Kamiya put the pliers back into the toolbox.

Patricio has decided not to resign.

Elvis didn't act alone.

Luke, I am your son.

My aunty is feeling sick.

He fought in the United States' war against Mexico.

You'd better tell the truth.

Ambiguous phrases in general lead to amusing interpretations.

Kevin was brought up by his aunt in the country.

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He left his glasses at our place.

I'm not what I seem.

I cannot check my mailbox. There is no Internet here.

Through obedience learn to command.

Pope Francis will return to Rio in 2016.


Sherri is looking at photographs.

Julius inspired me.

We met earlier.

There was something weird about the incident.

This window won't fasten.

Kit promised never to do that again.

Through some strategic planning, she managed to get into her teacher's computer to find the exam.

There were persecutions of Christians under the Romans.

Don't play dumb with me.


The trend of public opinion is against corporal punishment.


Word up, breda. Long time no see. Whatchu been up to?

That could never happen.

Jiro finds it difficult to make friends with Ken.

We're in a rush.

My father is repairing my broken bicycle.


The general principles of this programme are still valid today.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

Let's not do this, Jos.

The quick brown fox did not jump over the lazy dog.

I wonder who killed her.

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He's running his hand through his wavy, brown hair.

Will you accompany me to collect my brain?

Darren rolled his eyes.

Her novel ideas are time and again getting her into trouble with her more conservative colleagues.

The less delay, the better.

His anger towards me has not softened.

Now you really worry me.

I wouldn't want you to think I wasn't happy to see you.

I understood the reason for this.

He's a law-abiding citizen.

Sal's strategy is working.


This question is difficult to answer.

Does Sandra shower every day?

It doesn't make any difference at all.

I lost my purse on my way to school.

I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.


I won't be there.

Let's have a moment of silence.

The walls were painted white.

I feel very obligated to you.

Ron has a big house.

In fact, each person's qualities are the same.

The square was illuminated by bright lights.

With these eyes, I shall see mountains burn.

Can I write the name of the beneficiary in Russian?


He often watches 10 to 20 porn videos per night.

I'll call you if I need you.

You like your life, don't you?


You're an attractive woman.

Sandip reluctantly agreed to go.

Kevyn didn't know Amir had a brother.

The best way for adjusting the gap between the internal and the external price and securing economic growth is to promote the non-manufacturing industry's productivity by aggressive investing in facilities.

I'm too much of a lazybones.

It's very alarming.

I was interested in seeing the city.

I moved to Boston three weeks ago.

What sort of curtains do you think would go with the carpet?

It's so typical.

He made an effort to pass the examination.

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Panos worked up an appetite.


Dawson says it was a mistake.

Don't look over there.

Look at that big hammer.

I ain't helping you no matter what.

Valeria arrived just in time to catch the train.

Margot didn't think he could pass the test without cheating.

What are you doing this summer?

It is not easy to combine hobbies with profits.

Facebook is blocked in China.

The sea that we see dancing there along the clear bays has silver reflections ... the sea ... reflections changing in the rain ...

There was a little milk left in the bottle.

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Too much or too little of anything is never good; it's all about balance.


Don't raise your voice at me.

Reinhard put her high-heels back on.

This funny-looking car must be British.


The words escaping his lips bear no meaning.


Cary is used to getting up early.

I don't recall.

This woman is a doctor.

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That is of no use to me.


You can rely on her.

I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

I cannot do this.

Alice is Janice's dearest friend.

I give a lot to you.

I like Ozodbek's songs.

He served as the pilot of the ship.

I always take a bus.

The train already left the station.

She may come.

There was a time when he and I were really good friends.

Barry, I want you to speak to Joon.

"How to determine whether a "how" sentence is a question." "Yes, how?"

I want the freedom to my country, so that other countries can learn something from my free country.

Why were you with her?

Does this sentence sound like something a native speaker would say?

Dan taught Matt the art of romance.

Nils has something to say.

He received a lot of praise.

I left him in charge.

Can you tell him from his brother?

I can't stand the anticipation.

Maybe it's too late.

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You're much faster than I am.

His way of thinking is a bit extreme.

Unless you have good credit, buying a house is impossible.

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I'm three years older than you.

He called me by name.

She can't come with us.


Ken takes a bath every evening.

Where did you take your boots off?

Let the wedding begin.


Have you already eaten dinner?

Simon took off his earphones.

You're asking the wrong guy.

Alison plans to throw away his old toaster.

I'd like to stay for one night.

I swear I didn't see anything.

He wants to learn some English songs.

It wouldn't be safe to go there by yourself.

I'm furious with her.


She will be happy to know you want to see her.